Xen is yet another popular choice of VPS hosting platforms. The platform that you must choose depends on your specific website requirements. At Hostinit, our experienced staff will help you choose the right VPS hosting platform that will fit your requirements.

Xen VPS Hosting allows users to utilize full native speeds just like a Dedicated Server. Every VPS is guaranteed it’s own RAM as well as swap space so as to compensate any possibility of unexpected RAM usage. Xen offers several advantages over other platforms like swap space, full control of iptables modules, loadable kernel module and access to remote console for any kind of troubleshooting. One of the major advantages of Xen VPS hosting is that it does not allow overselling and so all the resources that are purchased by you will be allocated just to you. Our Xen hosting plans are so feature rich and perfectly maintained that you will not find better performance anywhere else!

If you are ready to get started with Xen VPS hosting with Hostinit, then choose the perfect hosting plan that will fit your requirements and begin now. If you don’t find a plan that fits your needs, don’t hesitate, get in touch with our expert support team available online 24×7.

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