Are you thinking about using Magento to build your online store? Then you must ensure that you are backed up by the best Magento Hosting service provider. A successful Magento Hosting management, for your online store, requires speed, agility, and the ability to handle higher traffic. And it should also offer the highest level of security at all times.

This is the main reason why Magento needs to be hosted on the best hosting servers. Instead, you require a solid infrastructure that complies with the requirements of Magento’s specialised hosting. To have the best Magento hosting services, you also need a server with a well-defined configuration technology is required. But before we explain more on this, let’s take a brief glance over what Magneto is:

What is Magento?

Magento is one of the leading open-source e-commerce platforms. This platform was founded in 2008 and was acquired by Adobe, which is among the world’s largest online retailers. On this platform, one can find and access over 100,000 online stores.

Magento is a free, PHP-based platform that allows you to start selling online. It also provides website owners with a one-of-a-kind blend of a user-friendly and versatile shopping cart system. This platform is a complete LAMP stack on a fast server is the ideal Magento hosting environment.

What is Magento Hosting & How it Operates?

Magento is based on an open-source technology that pays special attention to the functionality, looks, and content of an online store. It provides excellent features for SEO, marketing, and catalogue management.

Although shared hosting is an option, other options like VPS, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Servers provide superior performance and security. This is a service where your hosting provider is responsible for server and software management.

Furthermore, Magento Hosting is a free platform and has a lot of useful features for an eCommerce site, that make up for the absence of web hosting. However, to allow the sellers to use this platform to its fullest, providers came up with Magento hosting service. The managed hosting company will not only sell you a server but will also maintain it and handle all of the activities necessary to keep your business going.

The application-specific Magento hosting package, on the contrary, has features that assist in catering to the needs of an eCommerce store that relies on shopping cart software. And the top three backend factors of Magento hosting managing are:

  • Applicable knowledge
  • Configuration experience on servers (performance, security, backups)
  • Expertise in the cloud

Why isn’t there another option for hosting?

Now that you have your online store up and running, you should concentrate your efforts on finding the best Magento host. Magento is a CMS that necessitates exclusive access to large amounts of resources; it employs dedicated resources in order to run your site smoothly. If you get other hosting services, the chances of the system getting hacked will increase significantly. A single web attacker among other websites hosted platforms on the same server can hurt your site as well.

Magento requires resources to ensure the website’s flawless performance, a standard shared hosting package will not suffice. The main error of shared hosting is its downtime, mainly because multiple websites operate on the same server. This means your Magento site may experience frequent downtime.

Even a sudden traffic increase on another website can damage yours on shared hosting. In the end, your store’s traffic and sales will suffer majorly.

Advantages of Managed Magento Hosting that is best for your online store

1. Application-Level Support from a Specialist: When hosting your Magento store, you have to be very vigilant at all times. Therefore, getting an expert can help you setup:

  • Magento web stack
  • Varnish
  • Redis caching systems
  • Web servers
  • Firewalls
  • SSL certificates

Managed hosting enables you to benefit from professional assistance and the Magento infrastructure with a resolution for all errors. An expert Magento team will also help you customise your online store to meet your exact requirements.

2. Security of the store: Cyberattacks on online stores are common, and they can result in significant financial loss, sensitive data leaks, and company’s brand harm. Although Magento offers several inherent security protections, server security flaws might leave your Webstore open for hacking and security attacks. Magento security is the top priority of Managed Magento Hosting, which focuses on providing regular updates, vulnerability assessments, and server-side security patches.

3. Reliable, Flexible and fast solutions: Managed hosting service level agreements to ensure that your website is always available and track all critical processes. Further, Auto scaling allows you to plan ahead for fast solutions, operate heavy traffic and expand your business.

4. Operational assistance: It ensures complete operational stability by allowing server admins to quickly resolve maintenance concerns. Managed hosting removes backend responsibilities from your to-do list, allowing you to focus on your business with more time and peace of mind.

5. Time and Cost-saving: It helps to manage and maintain the activities so you can focus on your core business operations. Managed Magneto is also a cost-effective solution and there is no need for expensive hardware upgrades. You also don’t need an IT developer to run and maintain the server, thus no risks of breaches and errors.

6. Performance and Optimization: Installing and configuring Varnish (a reverse proxy and HTTP accelerator), Memcached (a caching mechanism), CDNs (content distribution networks), and load balancers are all part of Magento performance improvement support (traffic management). All of this is taken care of by professional cloud engineers, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

7. The ability to scale: It enables you to perform global-level scaling while maintaining the essential connectivity and compliance. This platform offers automatic upscale or downscale resources within a certain range using specified settings.


Selecting the right Magento hosting company is not as simple as it may appear. You can select a hosting platform with the appropriate number of features for your needs. In this manner, you get your money’s value and may easily develop a Magento site.

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